A deal with American-Israeli specifications and Arab collusion

A deal with American-Israeli specifications and Arab collusion
By .. Ruba Youssef Shaheen

The White House witnessed an absurd event that could never be neutralized from the spectacle of the launch of the Balfour Declaration. In the timing of this event, it appears that Trump and Netanyahu have taken advantage of the legal path lying in wait for them, and announced a deal that distracts them from their internal transgressions and corruption.

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The absurd meeting that the US administration marketed for 3 years during the region’s preoccupation with its military wars economically and economically, came to be the most important news for the Arab and international press is the “Deal of the Century”, in an attempt to communicate the idea of ​​this deal amid a state of permanent preoccupation with what will result in the President’s decisions The American Donald Trump, who came with the exclusion of the Palestinian side from the summit, is considered the basis for accepting or rejecting these American and Israeli arrangements.

It is a pure American-Israeli summit, despite the presence of the Emirates, Oman and Bahrain, as the presence of these countries is a formality for taking memorial photos that President Trump retains at the end of his abrupt political practices, and to restore his memories through him, so he does not depart from the image taken of the Saudi King Abdulaziz Al Saud and the President The American Franklin Roosevelt aboard the American warship “Quinsky”, and the accompanying agreements pertaining to the Middle East, and the agreements that were followed in various aspects and content, most of which were aimed at splitting the region and dividing it, in the service of the Zionist-American.

Before the idea of ​​declaring the summit, and as usual, the idea of ​​a two-state solution was excluded according to the United Nations’ decisions of 1967, to exclude the idea of ​​demarcating the borders in relation to the state of Palestine, as there are no borders for the state, because it falls within the entire Israeli areas whose borders were drawn since the disastrous Balfour Declaration.

The published articles of the American-Israeli deal focused on the survival of the Israeli settlements as basic and not settlement structures, especially in the West Bank, which are considered Palestinian lands according to the Oslo conference, and will be a ruling within the Israeli territories, to be annexed automatically, and without external or international decisions, in violation of all International norms and laws, and in order to realize the extreme Israeli dream of Netanyahu, while annexing the Jordan Valley and controlling it politically and militarily, extracting Jordan’s sovereignty according to a bilateral summit.

President Trump, when proposing the terms of the “deal of the century”, intentionally conveyed the idea of ​​the importance of the plan to the future of the Palestinian people in achieving a safe, modern state backed by 50 billion dollars, in a sign of improving their lives, to avoid rejecting the destroyed deal.

There is a Palestinian consensus that the terms of the deal are categorically rejected. The manifestations of rejection were evident in many of the criticisms leveled by the Palestinian leaders for the alleged plan, until there were signs of breaking the ice between the Palestinian factions, through the contact of the head of the political office of the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” Ismail Haniyeh with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

The Palestinian side’s acceptance of the United Nations’s decisions is based on the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, whose borders are the lands occupied in the year 1967, with the assurance that Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine, the solution to the refugee problem, and the stolen right of return.

The American President and his Israeli partner played to tighten the screws on the Palestinians, so that divisions between the Palestinians themselves appear between those who reject the terms of the deal and who wish to make a living, even at the expense of an entire nation. The Palestinian Nakba destroyed an entire people, and this was confirmed by the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, during a meeting Closed with leaders of American Jewish organizations in June 2019, when he said: “There are parts of the American plan that are not applicable. Israel will only welcome the plan.”

This statement is a clear indication that the American and Israeli sides realize that approval of the deal is impossible. Thus, the existing situation is used to annex the occupation settlements in the West Bank, to be under the Israeli authority, and thereby to bring about Palestinian autonomy from the West Bank.

More importantly, the deal came at the timing of the Palestinian legislative elections, taking advantage of the problems existing between the Palestinian factions.

The American administration deliberately drowned some Arab Gulf governments in implementing the provisions of the American plan, so that they would be financing the investments that will be made on the occupied Palestinian lands, thereby ensuring that they bear the dependency on the international fund, which the United States deliberately created to finance these investments, thus increasing the burden on the Arab Gulf economy. With the decline in oil revenues due to the devastating economic policies pursued by Washington in its dealings with the Middle East and some Asian and European countries, in addition to the losses resulting from the wars on oil facilities.

The deal papers that exceeded the 180 printed the terms of the architects of the American Zionist deal, through the son-in-law of the American President and his political advisor Jared Kushner, the former President of the Trump Organization and his ambassador to “Israel” David Friedman, and former personal lawyer for Trump Jason Greenblatt.

It is a criminal deal that adds to the crimes of the American administration and the Zionist occupation, but it took the form of irrational, rude political decisions during the era of President Trump, as a result of the association of Arab traitors from the rulers with it, and paving the way for its proclamation by offering obedience duties to the Zionist West.

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