In regional and international transformations, the Syrian North Theater

In regional and international transformations, the Syrian North Theater
Written by: Amjad Ismail Al-Agha

Ostensibly, Astana's blessings and talismans of Sochi no longer carry paths that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan worships with his political maneuvers, especially since in the midst of the strategic transformations imposed by the Syrian army, there are facts that exceed the contents of most of what was agreed between Russia and Turkey, so the assessments Which prevailed within the framework of Astana and Sochi, no longer carrying the formulas of long-term consensus, leading to political solutions without the need to dive deeper into military meanings. But the Turkish regime, in its malicious way, formulated the terms of the agreement with Russia, according to the Ottoman grandparents and demanding their legacy in the Syrian geography, ignoring the hopes of the majority of Syrians that the file of the Syrian north would be settled, without the need for bloodshed, and gradually resolving this dilemma in coordination between the guarantors of the parties to the conflict in Syria, to reach To the best possible solution to limit the creation of a new crisis as possible.

From here, it became clear that the fundamental turning point that marked the Syrian North Theater was represented by the Russian-Turkish agreement in the Russian city of Sochi, to draw a road map within a specific timetable, with a view to resolving the files of the Syrian north, and reopening the international routes linking Damascus to Aleppo, Turkish responsibility to dismantle the terrorist factions, with Russian guarantees to prevent any Syrian military action against it.

In this context, the Syrian state and Russia have committed to the Sochi understandings, while Turkey has sought to establish more military bases under the name of control points, without applying the essence of the Sochi Agreement in terms of removing the terrorist factions from the path agreed in Sochi, nor has it dismantled the body of the terrorist factions In Idlib and its countryside, all the way to the countryside of Aleppo.

In the midst of the transformations taking place in the Syrian northern file, in terms of Russian-Turkish interactions, it appears that there is a hidden struggle between Russia and America over the issue of Turkish interference in the Syrian north, and that there is an American attempt to satisfy the Turkish side in dividing part of Syria and attaching it to Turkey, which It gives Turkey room to move, in a scene that brings us back to what happened in the cities of Afrin, Azaz, Al-Bab, and Jarabulus, and finally what happened in northern Syria through the American transformation, which allowed Turkey to penetrate the area from Ras Al-Ain to Tel Abyad.

In light of this scene and its potential transformations, Turkey is marketing the Idlib file, to appear as the current postponed dilemma, as it is the last stop in a series of measures and understandings to end the military conflict. It has a large human reservoir for displaced people from various Syrian regions, and there are many armed groups including “extremist groups” “It is difficult to integrate with the other factions, including those that have taken root in the administrative and societal structures with its armed control, such as the Headquarters for the Liberation of the Levant, as well as the fact that Astana’s arrangements in Idlib have not been fully finished, which gives Turkey and its terrorist tools an additional space to invest in this dilemma. Whatever yields exploitation.

Today, the Syrian military scene stands at a crossroads towards forming new security arrangements, after the Syrian state managed to tighten its grip on most of the northern Syrian regions, and with the continuation of Turkish maneuvers, the content of the agreements as a whole has been frozen, pending the engineering of a new geographical reality, the stewardship of Syrian control Complete, and more tightening the screws on the terrorist factions and their supporters, which means that the scene of the Syrian north is going towards new understandings whose features have not yet crystallized, its broad title is security understandings taken from regional and international transformations towards the Syrian file, a systematic approach to crystallizing a political solution that identifies Wholesale and content with the ABCs of Syrian Sovereignty.

In Syria, the effects of regional and international interventions are no longer of significance. The sudden victories engineered by the Syrian army put the majority of forces influencing the Syrian issue in the category of anticipation for the course of developments, and in light of Israeli-American-Turkish rivalry, the Syrian army remains the difficult number in the calculations of its opponents, to come a series The recent achievements in the North Theater, and increase the perplexity of the Washington axis, especially since the facts imposed by the Syrian state in terms of content and goals, will require Washington and its tools a long time to refute these painful facts, which involve two dimensions, one of which is a great offensive momentum with going far in the face of an axis Washington within the military vocabulary, and the other allies of Syria's readiness to consolidate the victories of the Syrian state and its army, and to stand in the face of the Israeli-American Turkish wind.

All this was confirmed by President Bashar Al-Assad in his televised speech, to paint in his words an unlimited ceiling for a confrontation that he knows is long, but which continues until the liberation of the entire Syrian soil, without any compromise on Syrian unity and sovereignty.

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