The chessboard in Idlib … and the fall of the Turkish pawn

The chessboard in Idlib … and the fall of the Turkish pawn.
  Dr. Hassan Merhej

Many military developments that drew a scene in northeastern Syria; they are developments that will change the map of political alliances not only in Syria, but also at the regional level. The developments in northeastern Syria, and the golden achievements that the Syrian army has achieved in the Idlib battles, will have a regular equation for the political scene in Syria, and the repercussions of these battles and achievements will absolutely affect the military climate east of the Euphrates and Idlib, but today the priority is to engineer the map of Idlib, so what the Syrian state and its army engineered, echoed in the ears of the head of the Turkish regime, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, where the tension between Syria and its allies and Turkey and its allies reached Flat Politically and militarily high.

Turkey’s deviation from the track of Sochi understandings and Astana’s statements pushed both Syria and Russia to put an end to unjustified Turkish interference in Syria, and it extends its reach over Syrian sovereignty, suggesting that a Turkish-Russian crisis is looming on the horizon.

It is a crisis that started its signs against the backdrop of the entry of Turkish military forces into Syria in large numbers, in preparation for blocking the advance of the Syrian army forces towards Idlib, and trying to put sticks in the march of military achievements, in order to prevent the Syrian army from controlling the last strongholds of terrorist factions, and thus become a card “opposition with Turkish cover “Outside any future negotiations, this is what makes Turkey lose its card. Perhaps this is what prompted it to turn its back on all the agreements that have taken place, including the” Sochi Agreement “, in preparation for mixing the cards again and obtaining more time to gain more points.

The Syrian army is the godfather of the battles in North Syria, as it moves forward with a confident step towards Idlib, and asks the militants not to listen to what Turkey did not say to them and calls on them to lay down arms and settle their conditions, because controlling “Idlib” will happen Erdogan wills or Abi, and a Turkish military group of forces will not benefit from Preventing the progress of the Syrian army, especially since Russia also wants to support Syria in its control of Idlib, after the militants targeted Russian military bases several times, and most importantly, Turkey, in accordance with the Sochi Agreement, did not remove the armed groups and factions classified on the terrorist lists from the city of Idlib.

The developments of the military battles led earlier, to the Syrian army taking control of the city of Ma`rat al-Nu`man, from which a rift began in the Russian-Turkish relationship. This rift reached the point that prompted Ankara to say that “its patience is running out”, and Moscow accused of violating The agreements aiming to stop the conflict, knowing that Turkey is the one who was unable to remove the militants from the de-escalation areas, and it is they who gave the green light to target the Syrian army, in contravention of the terms of the agreement.

The allegations that Turkey is marketing following the achievements of the Syrian army, centered around fears of a new wave of refugees, despite the fact that the Syrian state has opened humanitarian crossings, for the exit of civilians wishing to leave Idlib, but the Turkish-backed terrorist factions prevented civilians from leaving, until they became Human shields, they are invested politically.

The Turkish allegations increased when the Syrian army continued advancing, gnawing more areas, and controlling most international roads, which became de facto. The Syrian army announced that it would continue to pursue the remaining terrorist organizations, until the entire Syrian soil was cleared of the abomination of terrorism.

For its part, Russia criticized the statements of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Idlib, stressing that it fulfills all its obligations under the Sochi Agreement. “The continuing terrorist attacks in Idlib are a source of deep concern to Moscow,” said Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov.
In response to a request to comment on Erdogan’s statements, in which he declared that Russia is not fulfilling its obligations under the Idlib agreement, Peskov answered during an interview with reporters on Friday: “We do not agree, Russia is fully implementing its obligations under the Sochi Agreements with regard to the Idlib region.”

The Syrian state had its opinion regarding the direct Turkish military intervention in Syria, where the Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister, Fayssal Mekdad, affirmed that Turkey’s practices are in stark contrast to the Astana process and the Sochi agreements, and the unanimous powers of the guarantors to end the Syrian crisis.

The escalation by the Turkish regime in Idlib is heating fronts and systematic provocation, and according to the current data, the Syrian state and its allies are intent on liberating Idlib from the remnants of Turkish terrorism, and the Syrian army will target all the Turkish besieged points, as well as targeting the overall terrorist strongholds of Nusra, He defends his territory and national sovereignty in accordance with international law, as there is no law in the world that allows any country to attack the sovereignty of another country, and therefore what Syria is doing is self-defense and it seems that it will continue until the last Turkish soldier is expelled from Syrian territory.

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